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Day 100: Rocks on Flickr.

…and water and sky. Also, 100 published photos! Yay!


Day 91: Lovers by the Sea on Flickr.

These two were standing, holding each other against the wind and watching the choppy sea the other day. I thought twice about taking it, but decided to because I wasn’t sure I’d ever get this kind of scene again. I continued my walk photographing for probably another 30-40 mins that day, and on my way back, they were still standing there, holding each other, watching the waves.


Day 69: Cheesecake Etc. on Flickr.

Playing with 3200 ISO again while hanging out w/ Brad & Jody @ cheesecake etc. I like the quality of the light, while simultaneously being entertained by the two wires coming out of the candle.